Your Body and Soul

When we analyze life, we see that every man or woman wants to live a happy life. But the materialistic approach towards life causes hindrance and dismay at every step of their life as every moment of our life is perishable, mortal and variable. Moreover, we also do not know, indeed materialistically, what real happiness is and how it can be achieved. It is necessary that we should search for our Real Base in order to know this Real Happiness.

When we were “nothing”, we must have been something, because not to be anything negates our being. Our material life commences from the womb of the mother. When after inception and passing through a certain process, this matter reaches its climax a living picture comes into being from nothingness. Circumstances and surrounding of this ‘picture’ provides it with such a training that it remains ignorant of the meanings of Real Happiness, what to say of the method of its acquisition.

To embrace the Real Happiness, first of all one should have the knowledge that life is not based upon the body only but it is based upon that Reality which has adopted this material body as a robe for itself. After birth, the second phase encountered by us is that in which every moment of our life dies after giving birth to another one. The moment, which is our childhood at one time and boyhood at another changes into old age from the youth-fullness.


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  1. I just hope whoever wtreis these keeps writing more!