Self Study

When we study ourselves, we conclude that we have a perishable and a limited body, which is our identification. The tangible body, which we see, is composed of density, dirt, putrefaction and effluvia. Basis of this putrefaction is that every man in this world has been given to understand that he is matter; an offspring of the material world. This limited thought confine everybody in one place and every one finds himself incarcerated in the cobweb of restricted ideas. And thus results a confined and limited thinking. Every body living on this planet has categorized himself as a Muslim, a Hindu, a Parsi or a Christian though the soul cannot be denominated by any name. Because a light is only light, irrespective of its belonging to any part of the world whether it is in Arab, Europe or Asia.
The system of God is established in such a way that all His Messages which have ever come to this world are incorporated and prevalent in their own typical words. The words of Bible are the religion of the Christians, Quran is the foundation stone of the Muslim religion, Hindus worship using the words of the Bhagavad-Gita. All these books are the voices of the holy servants of God, which have spread all over the world, just like light.
When we contemplate about the creation of the universe, we eventually come to the conclusion that our universe itself is the Voice of God. When God said, in His Voice ‘Be!’ the whole universe came into being. God introduces Himself as a Friend of the creatures. Just as a father does not forget his son, similarly God, too, is never forgetful of His creatures. Allah or God, who is our lord Cherisher and who provides us with every kind of resources and make us undergo novel experiences at various stages of our life is, indeed, our Friend.
Study of the sacred books reveal that God never leaves His creatures alone, in solitude no matter how different they are in physical features from others. When we think in terms of genetics, we find that creation is taking place under a definite program. When a seed is sown it is nurtured by the ‘mother earth’ to finally become a tree. When the seed is put in the soil, it absorbs water from the soil and water after entering through the micropyle nourishes the dormant seed. Cellular division takes place in the plumule, hypocotyle and the radical of the embryo situated between the cotyledons. The hypocotyle grows to be the trunk and the radical grows into the root of the tree. The hypogeous growth of root causes it to enter the soil to absorb water and minerals for the germination and growth of the plant and its fixation in the earth. Contrary to it is, the epigeous and phototropical growth of the hypocotyle which gives rise to the trunk. The food stored in the cotyledons is consumed during the embryonic stage of the plant till it begins preparing food for itself by the photosynthesis then these cotyledons dry up and plant grows into a mature tree. In the same way, when a man puts his seed in to a woman’s body, a seed like germination process is established and a notochord is formed which finally grows into fetus and then finally a baby is born – just like the sprouting of a plant from the earth.

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